Body corporate maintenance can be more complex than ordinary property maintenance because there are various parties involved with varying responsibilities.

Maintenance in a strata scheme will be the responsibility of either the unit owner or tenant or the body corporate.

Body corporates are responsible for common area maintenance, which may include as follows.
• Driveways and access roadways
• Swimming pools and tennis courts
• Common doors and windows
• Common rooms and foyer
• Lawns

Each unit owner pays levies which contribute to the cost to maintain the common property.


1. Work out if your maintenance problem is a body corporate issue or if it is your responsibility as an owner. If you are unsure, contact your Body Corporate Manager.

2. If it’s a body corporate maintenance issue, report the matter to your Body Corporate Manager who will ensure it is brought to the attention of the committee.

3. To minimise unexpected maintenance issues, make sure the committee approves regular cleaning and checking of common areas, gardens, swimming pools, gutters and roof.

4. There’s an old saying: “a stitch in time saves nine”. If you spot any potential repair or maintenance problems – even if it’s just a blown light bulb – email your Body Corporate Manager in order to have it brought to the attention of the committee.

5. A great way to stay ahead of maintenance problems is to have a building report done which identifies potential maintenance issues that may arise. The committee can use this report to be proactive with planned maintenance.

If you have any questions about body corporate services or body corporate management please contact Stratacare Australia.