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Expertise and Dedication

Stratacare Australia has a team of more than 20 experienced professionals, managing a portfolio of around 550 buildings.

Owner Jim O’Hare is a qualified accountant and experienced body corporate professional with 25 years experience working in Australia and internationally.

Jim’s approach is to create enthusiastic and capable teams of experts who provide the highest level of service and attention.

Body Corporate Management

Knowing how to do body corporate well takes experience and patience. Stratacare Australia works hard to provide the best service in a prompt, friendly way.

Development Consultancy

We work hard to create success for our clients. Stratacare Australia is the preferred body corporate advisory team for some of Australia’s busiest developers.

Compliance Services

The team at Stratacare Australia stays ahead of the legislative and compliance landscape. That way, our clients stay informed.

Bulk Utilities

Stratacare Australia can help developers and tenants save money on electricity infrastructure and energy costs.


If you want a body corporate team that’s efficient and enjoyable to work with, Strata Care is your best choice. Southbank Apartments is a large residential precinct with lots of moving parts and majority owner occupiers and it takes experts to run it smoothly. Strata Care has managed Southbank Apartments’ strata matters for 25 years and continues to deliver the best service and advice.

George HallinanResident Manager - South Bank Apartments

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