Summer officially starts in December and with it comes the Australian storm season.

At Strata Care Australia, we work closely with committees to keep their common areas maintained year-round. So when it comes to storms, there shouldn’t be any last-minute maintenance worries to attend to.

Having said that, Australian storms are quite spectacular aren’t they – nature’s true force at work.

We always recommend doing pre-storm season checks just to be sure you’re ready, so here we’ve summarised some of the key things to remember.

Before the season starts:

  • CHECK common areas. Clear obstacles and rubbish, which can become missiles in high winds.
  • CLEAN gutters and downpipes. CHECK the roof.
  • TRIM trees where needed.
  • KNOW how to evacuate the building without using the elevator, if you have one.
  • INSURANCE. Make sure your private property insurance is current and covers what you need.
  • HAVE an emergency kit ready.
  • CLEAR grates in driveways so water can drain away.
  • CHECK drainage points to make sure water is getting away.
  • HAVE stocks of fresh water and tinned or dried food.

As a storm is approaching:

Outside the home: 

  • PARK vehicles undercover and away from trees (if possible).
  • SECURE loose items. Even large items like outdoor furniture can be picked up by strong winds.
  • IN AN APARTMENT? Bring furniture and pot plants in from the balcony.
  • SECURE doors, windows and awnings.
  • CHECK on elderly or sick neighbours.

Inside the home:

  • SHELTER pets.
  • FIND your emergency items: torch, portable radio, spare batteries, first aid kit, emergency contact numbers, candles with waterproof matches, important documents and insurance papers.
  • IF the storm comes without warning, stay indoors.
  • IF you lose power, turn off and unplug electrical items, especially computers. This should go without saying, but don’t use wet or damp electrical appliances.

HOT TIP: stay updated

If you’re in Brisbane, you can sign up to Council’s Early Warning Alert Service.

This free service provides urgent emergency alerts potentially affecting your residential address.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation also has a thorough Emergency website, with warnings, resources and news bulletins. Local ABC stations have their own Facebook sites for targeted updates.