Fully Wired Electrical Services: Power Trip Tips and Hints

By January 31, 2019Electrical Safety

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What should I do if my power trips?

There are many causes for power tripping in your home. Here are a few of the usual suspects:

  1. Over filled kettle/wet element
  2. A faulty appliance, especially fridges and outdoor pumps
  3. An overloaded circuit – too many electrical appliances used at once
  4. An electrical fault on one of the circuits. This could be due to various reasons such as water leakage, rodents, age and deterioration, faulty wiring etc

Before you call an electrician, complete the following steps (which may avoid unnecessary costs)

  1. Check the switchboard for a tripped circuit breaker or safety switch

You can identify a safety switch by the appearance of a test button on the device. If it does not have a test button it is likely a circuit breaker. If either is in the off position then try to reset the device. If the device does not reset then try the next step

Helpful hint: If you were using several appliances on the same circuit such as a toaster and a kettle you may have overloaded the circuit. Reset the circuit breaker and test each item individually. If they both work you have likely overloaded the circuit. Be mindful that using high current items together will increase the likelihood of tripping the circuit breaker through overloading.

2. Basic “Fault Finding”

You can quickly and easily complete the first step in finding out what may have caused the circuit to trip and is something an electrician would usually do when they arrive at your home.

1.       Unplug from the wall every appliance within your home. This includes ovens, kettles, computers, dishwashers, etc.

2.       Go to the switchboard and flick the safety switch to the ON position. If it holds, then you may begin the process of elimination

3.       One by one, plug back in and turn on each appliance. If the safety switch trips whilst testing a certain appliance, you may have found the offending item. Repeat the process to confirm this. If confirmed, throw away the item or have it repaired

4.       An electrician will not be needed if you have re-established power to your home and the fault no longer persists. However, if you cannot restore power then contact your electrician to rectify.

Helpful Hint: You MUST remove each plug from the power point, not just turn it off. Don’t forget to remove plugs for fridges, dishwashers, rangehoods, outdoor pumps, etc.

Tips for total power loss (e.g. a supply outage):

  • Always have candles or a torch in the house to use as emergency lighting, ensure candles are lit safely and never left unattended.
  • Try and stay in one room so that no one is at danger of tripping over things on the floor.
  • Leave a light switch turned on so you know when the power has been restored.
  • Unplug electrical appliances and keep use of fridges and freezers to a minimum. Check that food has not thawed when power is restored.

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