Rhys Fitzgerald

Rhys Fitzgerald

Body Corporate Manager

The newest member of Stratacare, Rhys joined the body corporate management team in 2020 excited about the opportunity to learn and challenge himself in a fast-paced environment which rewards a strong knowledge base and attention to detail.

Rhys brings to the table a high degree of professionalism and a vast wealth of knowledge in assisting bodies corporate with the administration of their schemes.

With a strong management background in multiple fields and having attained a bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science, Rhys possesses great interpersonal skills which allow him to both mediate difficult situations and interact with diverse range of people in appropriate ways.

Day-to-day, Rhys provides excellent service to clients whether it’s providing expert advice to clients on anything from financial management, legislation, contract negotiations or dispute resolution.

An expert in understanding bodies corporate and how they operate, Rhys’s in-depth knowledge allows clients to make smart and informed decisions concerning their communities and property.

Outside the office Rhys’s interests include running, weightlifting, hiking, gaming, escape rooms, personal development & audiobooks

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