Leni Andersen

Leni Andersen

Body Corporate Manager

Leni manages the Body Corporates of an expansive portfolio featuring both residential and commercial schemes.

Her passion for Real Estate started with a career in Property Management for several years, and then moved into working as a Body Corporate Manager for the past six years, Leni obtained a Diploma in Management (Strata) in 2013 and has since flourished in her chosen career.

Leni believes that purchasing a home is one of the most paramount decisions we will make in our lifetime, and transitioning into apartment living can be a challenge, Leni’s warmth, patience and attention to detail will ensure that your transition is made as smooth as possible for all her clients.

She too resides in a strata-titled unit and so she understands the intertwining relationships between owners, on-site managers and committees.

Leni’s clients feel at ease knowing they have a trusted individual who is dedicated to their needs and ensuring each challenge is overcome peacefully.

Not only a full-time body corporate manager, Leni is a full-time mum who is involved in sporting activities with her children on the weekend. Leni is too a huge Soccer fan and enjoys relaxing on the weekend watching the Soccer.

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