Katy Kapnia

Katy Kapnia

Body Corporate Manager

After previously working at Stratacare as an administration assistant, Katy re-joined the team in 2021 as a full qualified body corporate manager in Stratacare’s Gold Coast office.

Katy provides management services to Bodies Corporate in accordance with the BCCM Act and relevant legislations, working with Committees and Owners and providing them with the education and tools necessary for a happy and harmonious community environment.

Highly qualified with over 10 years’ experience as a body corporate manager, Katy is an expert in overseeing the administration and maintenance of body corporate communities.

Possessing a positive ‘can do’ attitude, Katy has excellent verbal and written communication skills, combined with second-to-none organizational abilities.

She is a specialist in assisting bodies corporate with the preparation of budgets, agendas and minutes as well as ensuring that the timing and distribution of all documentation meets legislative requirements.

Furthermore, Katy maintains a detailed understanding of current and key body corporate legislation and ensures this by liaising with external legal officers including collaboration on preparation of legal advice and notices.

Katy also has experience in managing buildings that were under the BUGTA legislation, which gives her a unique insight into the management of unique strata schemes.

With Katy’s widespread strata knowledge and qualifications acquired through here long tenure in the industry, clients can feel a sense of security that whatever the situation they have a manager that will handle the matter with diligence, professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Additionally, Katy puts places a strong emphasis on providing service orientated management and works fastidiously to build solid and long-lasting relationships with the communities she manages.

In her spare time, you find Katy relaxing whether going for walks, cooking and crocheting or sitting down with a good book.


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