Ed Sanders

Ed Sanders

Senior Consultant, Strata Care Australia

Edward Sanders, has worked in facilities management and strata industries for two decades, both internationally and in Australia.

Ed was born and educated in the UK. After achieving an honours degree in surveying from the Brighton University, he gained valuable experience working in a variety of corporate and banking roles, including management and maintenance of strata buildings.

As a result, Edward has broad experience in the building industry and has worked across all phases of a project; from construction through transition and into operation.

Ed is an experienced operations manager and also brings to the table an expertise in project planning and design as well as life-cycle costing, facilities management, and strata management.

Ed has more recently been the General Manager of a Dubai-based strata management company with over 8,000 lots under management.

Now back in Brisbane, he is Senior Consultant with Stratacare Australia and provides developer clients with an advisory service on consultancy and transition implementation and utilities billing and management.

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