We provide

Full-service body corporate management

Stratacare Australia is a full-service body corporate management company.

The team at Stratacare Australia are experts in legislation governing registered strata schemes and provide services and advice to more than 500 buildings and strata schemes in South East Queensland.

Body corporate management is complicated. Also known as strata management, doing it well takes experience and patience.

A big part of body corporate management is knowing the act and its items and schedules, but the other really important element is people.

At the end of the day, body corporate is about people.

The people involved in a strata scheme are the unit owners, the building developers, the body corporate committee members, the suppliers who do maintenance and repairs.

All of these people are an integral part of the smooth running of a body corporate scheme.

At Stratacare Australia, we nurture a team of people who work professionally and efficiently with our clients.

The Stratacare team are experts in legislation governing registered strata schemes, specifically the Body Corporate and Community Management Act.

A wealth of

Documented expertise

Stratacare Australia holds a Practicing Certificate with Strata Community Australia, which is the peak industry body for Body Corporate and Community Title Management in Australia.

Retaining our certified practicing status means maintaining the highest possible professional and service standards.

Our body corporate managers possess a Certificate 4 qualification in Body Corporate Management or are currently undertaking study towards it.

Each Stratacare Australia body corporate manager undertakes continuing professional development (CPD) training each year to uphold service standards and maintains certification with Strata Community Australia.

Stratacare Australia carries $2 million in professional indemnity insurance.

Our team

On your side

The Stratacare Australia company structure is designed to provide clients with the highest level of service and attention.

The structure consists of body corporate expert teams; with a Body Corporate Manager, a Maintenance Manager and a project manager, at a minimum, dedicated to the care of each building.

This approach allows committees to form working relationships with their body corporate management team, which leads to more efficient, less stressful operations.

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