4 Benefits of Having a Proactive Body Corporate Manager

At Mosaic, we pride ourselves on delivering quality developments that will stand the test of time, with an aim to see them looking as good as when they were first built 10 years after completion.

There are obviously many factors that contribute to achieving this goal, with one of the most important being a quality Body Corporate Manager who can act as an administration body to assist with overseeing the upkeep of the development.

We appoint a Body Corporate Manager for each of our developments and have found that a proactive manager delivers many benefits not only to us as a business, but also to you as an occupant whether that be as an owner occupier or tenant.

1. Benefit to tenants and owners

From a tenant’s perspective, having an efficient Body Corporate Manager will ensure a quick turnaround when you need issues addressed in the common areas (anywhere outside the apartment you are renting). Whereas as an owner occupier, the Body Corporate Manager can be a direct point of contact for you if you notice anything in either your apartment or the common areas of the building that require attention. This is an invaluable resource, and key to the longevity of Mosaic’s developments.

2. Relationship management

Typically, a Body Corporate Manager will manage the relationship between the property manager, the caretaker and the body corporate committee. While this can be a difficult task, it is an essential one, requiring the ability to effectively manage expectations as an outcome that best suits all concerned is reached. By acting as mediator, the Body Corporate Manager can ensure a streamlined communication process between all relevant parties.

3. Building upkeep

Once a Mosaic project has been handed over to the new owners, the upkeep of all landscaping and the maintenance of common areas falls under the umbrella of the trusted Body Corporate Manager. They ensure the preservation of those areas that contribute so much to the aesthetic appeal of our developments as well as making life easier and more enjoyable for those living within the complex.

4. Laws and regulations

The Body Corporate Manager also oversees the compliance of the body corporate with the various laws and regulations under which they must operate; another substantial benefit to Mosaic as the Developer.

It’s extremely important to Mosaic to maintain strong relationships with our Body Corporate Managers. They understand our core values as a business, and work tirelessly towards conserving our legacy and upholding the quality of the developments which we are so justifiably proud of.

Image of property managed by body corporate manager Stratacare Australia

Author: Mosaic Property Group