Strata for developers

Working with Stratacare Australia’s developer team means you benefit from the extensive experience we’ve gained working with national and international developers.

In Australia, Stratacare has helped some of Australia’s most innovative developers create profitable projects.

Our project experience ranges from simple residential schemes through to complex multi-use towers and master communities.

We provide the best advice and documentation from the early stages of a project.


Offering the best

Development Expertise

With Stratacare Australia you can expect the highest level of expertise.

  • The Stratacare consultancy team becomes an integral part of the development project team during the DA and pre-sales stage.
  • You can trust our team to work closely with the development team to establish the ideal body corporate structure for the project.
  • You can rely on us to work closely with other service providers like solicitors and surveyors.
  • A Stratacare expert attends all relevant development meetings and synchronises with the development team to ensure all deadlines and milestones are met.
  • For each project, Stratacare Australia will undertake all the documentation, disclosure statements and budget forecasts relating to the management of the scheme.
  • Stratacare will ensure disclosure statements are compliant in time for marketing and sales.
  • Develop budgets for the administration fund and insurances
  • Establish sinking fund forecasts
  • Calculate lot entitlements and contributions
  • Determine distribution of costs and voting rights
  • Prepare a Body Corporate Managers Agreement



Drive sales and revenue

  • Help the sales team by providing all the documentation they need to provide to prospective buyers.
  • Provide ongoing support including preparation of disclosure documents for sales contracts.
  • Provide options for future management arrangements including management rights, facility management, and hotel service agreements.

Stratacare Australia can value add in a range of areas.

  • We will work with the legal team to review and advise on documents such as CMS, BMS, caretaking and letting agreements;
  • Stratacare will also provide advice on the establishment of utilities and facilities management, agreement reviews, senior aadministrative support, research and document control.
  • We can review utility management agreements and advise on the best way to provide utilities.


Our approach

Enjoy the benefits

Extensive consultancy knowledge means our clients benefit from 360 degrees analysis.

The Stratacare team stays up to date with current trends so we can deliver thoroughly thought-out recommendations.

We adopt a quality process to ensure consistency and accuracy across all deliverables.

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